Continuing Education with Sarah - Today, special guest and expert, Man Bartlett, teaches us how to tweet!

Continuing Education with Sarah- How to look like a serious business woman.

This was right before my first day on Wall Street! Keep your eyes peeled for more next week!

Continuing.. Um.. Education with Sarah

Continuing Education with Sarah- What’s the difference between rubber-tires and steel wheels on subways?

Continuing Education with Sarah CONTEST

Dearest students,

I was wondering if someone would like to contribute a theme song for my show! Just a 5 or 7 second little thing maybe! The winner will get something cool! (what it will be is yet to be determined- but surprises are the best!)

Expect a new one shortly, and continue asking questions so we could make this show a success!




HOW TO: Make Modular Origami/ 3D Origami

Today we’re learning to make a base for 3D origami pieces!